Info for Agencies


Finding the young people most in need of a mentor is a vital task. Vulnerable families often struggle to access the supports they need for their family. If you know a vulnerable young person who meets the requirements below and would benefit from a mentor you can inform the Big Brothers Big Sisters team.


This information is safely filed and if there is a possible Mentor match, Big Brothers Big Sisters will contact the young person's Parents/Caregiver to arrange an interview. There is no need to contact the team again about the submitted form or process. It is simply a waiting game.  


Due to the high demand for mentoring and specific requirements for the young person and mentors, not all notifications can be accepted. The team will contact you if this is the case.


  • The young person must be aged 6 -11 and live in the Christchurch area to be referred.
  • There must be factors around the young person's life that makes them more vulnerable than others , while keeping in mind our mentors are volunteers and therefore have limited capacity and training to deal with the more complex situations. Research says mentoring works best with vulnerable young people without major behavioural concerns. 
  • Parent's/Caregivers must consent to their young person participating in the programme and be willing to engage with the Big Brothers Big Sisters team.

We ask that (where appropriate) agencies mention the notification to Parents/Caregivers; while also reinforcing that "Big Brothers Big Sisters can not guarantee any child will have a mentor because they are dependent on the availability of volunteer mentors and funding" (that said, there is no cost to parents for their child to have a mentor).

Parents can wait just a few months to hear from the team. Unfortunately some have to wait much longer due to the shortage of volunteers or factors that make the child a little harder to match.


If, having read this information, you believe the young person you know is suitable:  

please complete the Inform Big Brothers Big Sisters of a Young Person


Inform Us of a Child