The Boy that really could... !

Written by:

Matt Button

Young John found school hard going. He wasn’t motivated and he didn’t seem to excel in anything. In fact he appeared to be quite disinterested in most things. When it came to running, he would stay at the back of his class and walk most of the way. It was as if he couldn’t be bothered.


His mentor was almost 70 years old, an ex rugby and athletic coach. He would meet John each week and chat about life and they would play some games together.


When the school cross country came around, John’s mentor watched on from the sideline. But this time, John didn’t lag behind and he didn’t look disinterested. Quite the opposite: he ran his heart out and won second place in the race. John had never placed before, but on the day his mentor was there to watch, he had someone to impress and a reason to succeed.

Mentor opens the Door

Written by:

Matt Button

Jayden had crime in his family. His older brothers were excluded from school and they were in and out of prison before they were twenty.Jayden’s father was not in the picture.

Jayden got into trouble early in Year 9 at high school and was ultimately excluded. Jayden’s mentor initially saw him at school, but after he was excluded he started visiting Jayden every week at home. The mentor saw that Jayden had an interest in cars and the idea of becoming a mechanic.

He called his own mechanic and asked if Jayden might be able to come and have a look around and maybe even help out.

The mechanic agreed and for a period Jayden spent with the mechanic every week - he even got some assistance with his out-of-school correspondence. Jayden's mentor offered him a different perspective on life and access to new pathways he would otherwise never have seen and now he is blossoming.