School Based Mentoring

Mentors go to the school once a week and take the young person out of class for an hour. Typically it is the same time each week. Most schools prefer it to be either late morning or in the afternoon so that the young person doesn't miss core subjects which are done first thing in the morning. 

The mentoring session takes place on site at the school, often in the library, staff room, interview room or out in the playground. The most common activity undertaken is baking. Often they share the spoils with the rest of their class or the admin staff - which can give the young person a boost in confidence. Other common activities are board games, lego, sports and craft. As relationships develop, mentors tell us they often end up sitting and chatting for the hour.

School based mentoring is ideal for people who like the set routine and structure of a school setting. Many school based mentors are students or employed at a workplace where they can take an extended break during the day, in many cases with the support of their employer.

It is common for mentoring matches to start in school and to later extend into community based mentoring. This happens only if the mentor, child and parent want this to occur. No mentoring takes place in a high school setting therefore once a child finishes Year 8, the match either closes or moves to a community setting.