It’s the kids who are perhaps the most enthusiastic about mentoring. They love having a Big Brother or Sister, experiencing new activities and being with someone who listens to them. And their self-esteem and ability to deal with life’s challenges improve accordingly.


There are the families of the mentored kids who often see a sunnier, happier child. Because of some of the often-subliminal messages that these children receive during the course of their relationships with mentors, their confidence almost always improves as well as their ability to care for others. In short, they are more likely to grow into thinking, caring adolescents and adults.



Then there is the community at large. The young people are less likely to get involved in crime and substance abuse and studies have shown significant reductions in teenage pregnancy.


The schools  are enthusiastic participants in our school based mentoring programme because they see first-hand the difference it makes to the lives of some of their pupils. And the young peoples’ attitude towards school can improve, along with their attendance and performance.